Hello World

What I talk about

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Ghost for the beautiful blogging experience. They've done some incredible work and it is definitely worth checking out!

In this blog, I intend to share what I learn about web development, design, the art of crafting beautiful user experiences. I will do this by sharing works of my own and critiquing those of others.

Who I am and what I do

My name is Amila Welihinda. Currently, I am a student and San Jose State University. I spend much of my time working on Fertona, an ecommerce platform that provides a product-centric experience and allows users to discover products through social interaction. This includes learning about practices, technologies, and paradigms relating to programming, UI, and UX.

What I think

It pains me to see how riddled the web is with terrible experiences, such as how popups unexpectedly blur out the page and disrupt scrolling when simply visiting a site to quickly read an article. Despite such experiences, however, I believe that the web, as an application delivery platform, has been incredibly successful and prospers because of a highly active community of undying love.

Amila Welihinda

Curious fellow and a wonderer of things. Creator of Fertona

Fremont, CA

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