A guide for testing Fertona v0.0.1-alpha

Hello Fertona tester! Before you test Fertona, it is important to understand it and its goal.

Fertona is an Ecommerce platform that aims to simplify the Ecommerce experience, create lasting relationships between stores and buyers, and provide stores with detailed analytics and statistics.

As of now, Fertona is currently tagged as unstable early build (v0.0.1-alpha). Many of the planned features have not even been implemented yet, and those that have been need an extensive amount of testing in multiple browsers/environments. Just because the site works well on my computer and browser, it may look different on your's. Testing Fertona in multiple browsers/environments critical to finding possible bugs that I may have missed.

The good thing is that you don't need to know how to write code to test the site. All you'll have to do is simply use the site as if you were an actual user of Fertona.

Here is the list of features and implementations that need to be tested:

The url of Fertona is fertona.com

Also, do not test on a mobile. Please use a desktop/laptop.

  • Account Creation
    • The first test will be an creating an account. You will need an invite code in order to create one. Please message/email me in case I did not send you one.
    • You should receive an email with a link to activate your account shortly after creating your account
  • Purchase/Checkout
    • Please buy at least 3 different items
    • Purchase items using this test credit card number:
    • Credit Card Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
    • Exp Month: 01
    • Exp Year: 20
    • CVC: 1234
  • Sell
    • Please sell at least 3 different items
    • To test this, try selling common electronic items, like your phone. A lot of items are not available on Fertona.
    • Please add at least 3 images of the item that you are selling. This will test Fertona's image upload functionality. You can take random images from Google if that's easier
  • Profile
    • Try adding a profile picture to your account
    • Add shipping address
  • Dashboard
    • Check if graphs and statistics are shown and animated
    • The information that is shown in your dashboard is simulated data. It is not caused by a bug

FAQ: "What should I look for when testing?"

Most of the time, you know bugs, or unintended results of software, when you see them. An example of a bug would be a profile image not uploading correctly or a page loading with a Error 500: Internal Server Error

If you find a bug, please record your screen and refollow the steps that you took that exposed the bug. This would make debugging the issue MUCH easier.

I would also love to hear what you think about the experience of using Fertona and any other comments or suggestions that you might have. For example, "I would like to see x feature in the upcoming releases", or "y part of the site was pretty laggy", "I had a hard time finding out how to use z feature", etc.

FAQ: "How do I test bugs?" Please report all bugs to info@fertona.com. If we are friends on facebook, feel free to message me.

Each and every bug you find is a contribution to Fertona that is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

Amila Welihinda

Curious fellow and a wonderer of things. Creator of Fertona

Fremont, CA

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